The Colorado Indigenous Peoples Day Organization (CIPD) was established to educate, organize, and advocate for justice for Indigenous peoples by starting a deeper conversation about how to tell the truth about our history and how to address the effects this history has in our current moment.

CIPD emerged from the annual Boulder Valley Indigenous Peoples Day Pow Wow, Indigenous market and parade, which was formally established in 2018 after a resolution was passed by Boulder City Council on Aug. 2, 2016 that officially recognized Indigenous Peoples Day

Since South Dakota passed a resolution to celebrate Native American Day in 1989 and Berkeley instituted the first Indigenous Peoples Day in 1992, the Indigenous Peoples Day movement has been gathering momentum nationwide with over 160 cities and universities in 41 US states and counting having passed resolutions officially recognizing Indigenous Peoples Day.

In Colorado, Aspen, Boulder, Carbondale, Colorado Springs, Crested Butte, Denver, Durango, and Gunnison have all passed resolutions.

With your help, we will work to establish Indigenous Peoples Day in cities and communities across Colorado while at the same time supporting broader initiatives designed to build a better future for the next seven generations of Indigenous peoples in Colorado through solidarity, ceremony, and advocacy.

Donations are tax deductible with the gracious help of our fiscal sponsor, Her Many Voices, a 501(c)3 that “… believes that women and children are the primary shapers of the future of our global community and we believe that providing vulnerable populations with education and resources to elevate themselves will uplift the community as a whole.”